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Project Description
Prism Navigation Framework is simple but powerful Navigation Framework for Silverlight MVVM applications that are built with Prism.

Aim of this project is to allow developers to easily leverage all of excellent Prism features (Modularity, EventAggregation, IOC etc) and easily create MVVM applications.

Prism Navigation Framework helps you to:

  • easily add Navigation into your Silverlight MVVM application including the Deep Linking support and integration with the browser history (Back and Forward browser buttons, bookmarking)
  • setup single Main Region and multiple Secondary regions for loading your Views
  • easily register Views and their ViewModels and then load them to your Regions
  • load Views from code or directly by typing URL in browser
  • pass parameters to ViewModel of the View that is loaded
  • deferred loading of Modules (manually or automatically when View from Module that is not yet loaded needs to be shown)

For demonstration of framework features check out the Sample Application live in action.

For more info check my blog posts on Prism Navigation Framework.

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